The Battle of Sarsa was fought between Khalsa and the Mughal Empire. On 6 December 1704, the Mughals and the hilly kings sent a letter to Guru Gobind Singh Ji in which they swore on the Quran and the cow respectively, that if Guru and his Sikhs vacate the fort of Anandpur, the Mughals and the hilly kings would not attack them. They would be given safe passage if they vacate the fort.   


Under a peace treaty Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with the Sikhs left the fort on the night of 6th December 1704. When the Sikhs reached near the river Sarsa, they were attacked by a large army of Mughals and hilly kings. The Mughals broke their oath and attacked Guru's forces.   


A fierce battle took place near river Sarsa. The Sikhs reacted with great courage and bravery to this sudden attack. The Sarsa river was flooded and was very difficult to cross, in the dust and commotion of the battle, members of the family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were separated from each-other and were divided into three groups, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was left with his two elder sons, the Panj Piaare, and 35 other Sikhs. 


Both the Guru's favourite horse and famous elephant Prasadi died.   Both sides faced casualties. Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with some Sikhs managed to cross the river safely. Parivar Vichora is a Gurdwara situated on the bank of the river Sirsa. This is where the 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind SIngh Ji's, family got separated.

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