Basoli is a small town in the district Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir bordering Punjab. 


The Battle of Basoli was fought between the Mughal Empire and the Sikhs. Earlier in the year, the Mughal army was defeated in the bloody Battle of Nirmohgarh. After the battle, Guru Gobind Singh Ji moved to Basoli where the combined forces of the hilly rajas also crossed Satluj and the Sikh army was attacked by the hilly rajas under Raja Ajmer Chand. Guru Gobind Singh Ji put up a formidable defence at Basoli.


There, once again the enemy forces failed to subdue the Sikhs and the Khalsa army forced the enemy to roll back by defeating them at Basoli too. After the Battle, the Hilly kings had to fled from the battlefield to save their lives while Ajmer Chand made tactical peace with the Guru.

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