Only eight years of age at the time young Gobind Rai who had brought along his rare white baaz (hawk) had stopped in the nearby bagh which happened to belong to Pir Nur Din (possibly Pir Mir Din), the haughty priest of the shrine of Pir Gaib Shah near the site of today’s Gurdwara Badshahi Bagh. The Pir who was hunting with his own hawk challenged Guru Sahib for a duel between the hawks.


Realising what the Pir's intentions were; he offered a fight between the Pir's Hawk and some sparrows. Seeing that the Guru had no sparrows the Pir laughed and said sparrows are the food my hawk prefers and besides you seem to have no sparrows.


Guru Sahib repeated his words. Growing impatient the Pir blurted out, “Where are your sparrows?” The young Guru pointed towards two sparrows sitting on a nearby tree which suddenly flew into the air. The Pir released his hawk who headed straight for the two seemingly doomed birds. There was a furious tangle of flying feathers, such that one could barely tell which was which - hawk or sparrow when suddenly the hawk fluttered in a slow spiral down to the ground coming to land about a kilometre away from the Pir's bagh near Labbhu Ka Talab.


It was then that Guru Sahib said his now-famous words:


“Chirion se main baaz turaun, Gidderon se main sher banaun,

Sawa lakh se ek laraun, Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahun”

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